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CSIRO is Australia's pre-eminent national science organization, accelerating innovation through global science. By facilitating relationships that connect Australian researchers with U.S. projects, CSIRO expedites mutually beneficial opportunities for scientific advances. With more than 3,700 patents, 300 licenses and 450 spin-out companies, CSIRO collaborates to turn big ideas into disruptive products. 

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We believe change is good, but transformation is better, and innovation is where it starts. CSIRO – accelerating innovation through global science.

[Music plays and images flash through of an eye and then what the eye looks like right down inside]

Narrator: A catalyst, it creates a reaction.

[Images flash through of swirling clouds, an explosion, an eye under a microscope and a light globe]

It creates change faster.

[Images flash through of a digital map of the globe and the globe morphs into the CSIRO logo]

CSIRO is Australia’s innovation catalyst.

[Images flash through of a researcher looking through a microscope, the inside of a piece of equipment, people in offices, a female looking up and a rocket blasting off]

We bring Australia’s innovation ecosystem together to transform Australia’s big challenges into global opportunities.

[Images flash through of the globe with interconnecting lines across it, a piece of equipment, a wind farm, a human skull diagram with a yellow eye socket, and interconnecting lines on a map]

We collaborate with our partners across industry, government, research and community to make it all happen.

[Images flash through of a researcher looking at a microscope slide, a piece of equipment and a researcher looking through a type of goggles]

We seek and seize what’s next on the horizon.

[Images changes to show an aerial view of land and then the image changes to show a male operating a drone over a field]

We create solutions through science.

[Image changes to show a hexapod moving across the ground and then the image changes to show an aerial view looking down on a multi solar panel site and the camera pans around the site]

CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency.

[Images move through of a profile view and then facing view of a male moving along and then the male looking at data on a very large screen and then the image changes to show a wind farm]

We wake up each morning because we’re making tomorrow and the future better, better for people, for business and for the planet.

[Images move through to show an aerial view of two cars moving through a satellite dish array, one of the satellite dishes rotating around, a crater type mountain and a formula being written on a window]

We believe change is good but transformation is better and innovation is where it starts.

[Images flash through of pinpoints of light which morph into many science description words and then morph into a network of lines encasing a sphere, then into an eye, and then into the CSIRO logo]

The CSIRO, Australia’s innovation catalyst, your innovation catalyst.

[Music plays and the image changes to show the CSIRO logo in the foreground of a night sky]

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CSIRO draws on a century of experience, partnering with organizations to navigate the innovation lifecycle from discovery to investment, product development and commercialization. CSIRO adapts the business model to suit the need, whether it be co-funding foundational research to developing IP or licensing market-ready solutions.

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Email: csiroUS@csiro.au or connect with us on Linkedin CSIRO USA