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Traditional contact lenses can only be worn for limited periods.

Hundreds of millions of people choose to wear contact lenses for many reasons including aesthetics, convenience and better peripheral vision. While corneal contact lenses have been around since half way through last century, in the past they have been rigid or could only be worn for limited periods of time.

For decades the contact lens industry sought soft contact lenses suitable for safe, long term continuous wearing. This goal was driven by patients and contact lens practitioners who said they would like a safe lens that corrected vision and could be worn on a more flexible basis, including during the night.

Collaborating to develop continuous wear lenses

In 1991, CSIRO along with the University of New South Wales, through the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Eye Research and Technology, joined with CIBA Vision (USA) and Novartis (Switzerland) to form an international collaboration to develop materials for successful extended wear soft contact lenses.

Bringing comfort to patients around the world

Ten years on, this research resulted in the development of CIBA Vision's Focus Night & Day™ extended wear contact lenses.

These silicone hydrogel soft contact lens may be worn continuously for 30 days and nights, providing great comfort to millions of contact lens wearers around the world.

Extended wear eye contact lenses

CIBA Vision: Extended wear contact lenses are providing comfort for millions of contact lens wearers around the world.