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December 5, 2017 

The visit was designed to give the Chair the opportunity to hear how Australian SMEs were expanding into the US market and how their partnerships with CSIRO had aided their growth.

Hosted by Margaret Donohue, Director Strategic Partnerships CSIRO USA, David met with senior representatives from medical device company Anatomics, CSIRO energy spin-out BuildingIQ and microfluidics and medical device manufacturing Minifab.

The companies briefed David on their experiences expanding into the US market and the differences between growing a company in the US and Australia.

Margaret Donohue, said: “Bringing together current and past partners to share their experiences and challenges of expanding into a completely new market was invaluable.”

“Each company underlined the value of their association with a national research organisation like CSIRO and said they were excited to see CSIRO grow its brand awareness in the US – which will benefit them,” she added.  

Ed Wilkinson, Vice President Minifab, Dean Carlson Vice President US Operations, Anatomics, Josh Mikulich, Senior Product Specialist, Anatomics, Steve Nguyey, Vice President Marketing, BuildingIQ and Dave Mccroskey, Vice President Global Operations, BuildingIQ, attended the meeting.

Chair meets CSIRO partners stateside

BLOG—CSIRO Chairman David Thodey flew into San Francisco in November to support the growth of U.S. operations and to meet with CSIRO partners.